February 19-23, 2017
Orlando, Booth #2193

December 11-14, 2016
Washington DC, Booth #702


We connect where others don't.

High-quality low-bandwidth connections
for accurate diagnoses

Click the slide for more about swyMed's connectivity.
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IT loves us! (so do end users!)

Use EHR/EMRs, legacy video equipment,
single sign-on, FDA-approved biomedical
devices, and more with little-to-no IT involvement.


WE work how YOU work.

We'll work with what you have,
not force you into what we've got.

Take advantage swyMed's intuitive
interface for seamless workflows along
with our simple pricing and deployment.

swyMed is available through GSA Contract
GS-35F-475CA under SIN 132-40

Latest from our blog

swyMed + MaxLife fully outfitted telemedicine ambulances enable preemptive emergency care en route. Some of the most exciting use of swyMed + Ambulance has been in Pediatric Emergency Transport, where children can watch a Disney movie on one monitor and see and hear the doctor on another while EMTs act as field triage. Click here for more.

The hub of the swyMed ecosystem: swyMed running with EHR integration, connecting specialists, patients, patient families, lab techs, imaging techs, distant clinics, remote first responders, and even robots…all through one primary medical-focused interface. Click here to learn more.

Once the patient is home, let’s do our best to keep them there! Home Health is in two flavors: 1) swyMed running with a Patient user account for low priority follow ups and BYOD patients; 2) Our swyMed HOME set top box for chronic care, elderly care, or simply patients with an aversion to complicated technology. USB ports add flexibility in healthcare device monitoring. Click here to learn more.

swyMed powers fully equipped clinic cases for EMTs, first responders, ad hoc clinics, and ambulance ER screenings to provide field triage or prevent unnecessary ambulance trips.

And see our new mini cases for medical outreach efforts! It may be small but it comes with swyMed’s uncanny connectivity in poor networks and easy integration. Click here to learn more.

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